Breath-taking nature and
unforgettable locations in the land of diversity
Why Turkey?

Turkey is the perfect destination for incentives and events of all kind. The MICE sector presently documents the largest growth in Europe. For several years already Turkey, with all its facets, is providing a steadily developing infrastructure in the MICE business. Even in the tourism sector the offers flourish for every taste and occasion. Almost every established hotel group worldwide has at least one or more properties in one of the large Turkish cities. No surprise, as Turkey stands out with its renowned hospitality and first-class service orientation – values, which make for general appreciation in the market and a solid position in the world. Turkey is among the top MICE destinations of Europe for quite a long time. And rightly so!

Rarely any other destination can overhaul Turkey in terms of service, hotel landscape, infrastructure, and historical heritage, unspoiled nature with mile long beaches, a manifold kitchen and sightseeing.

In addition Turkey has…

    • Hagia Sophia

      The main church of the Byzantine Empire is one of the most important buildings of the world and thus belongs to the top sightseeing points of Turkey.

    • Blue Mosque

      The enchanting sacral building is decorated with more than 20.000 artistic tiles.

    • Topkapi Palace

      The luxuriously equipped sultan´s palace with the legendary harem is one of the highlights of Turkey.

    • Grand Bazar

      One of the largest roofed markets of the orient with more than 4000 stores.

    • Süleymaniye Mosque

      Maybe the most beautiful Mosque of Istanbul, built by Sinan, the famous architect to the imperial court.

    • Termessos

      Ancient Greek ruined city in breath-taking and as impregnable seen location.

    • Perge

      Greek-Roman city with buildings in good condition, among the largest stadium of Asia Minor.

    • Aspendos

      An excellently preserved Roman theatre, that serves as setting for opera and ballet festivals.

    • Side

      The friendliest small town with ancient ruins and attractive beaches is among the well-established sights of Turkey.

    • Pergamon

      Hellenic-Roman city on a mountain high above the Selinus-lowlands, which became world-famous through the great Zeus altar in Berlin.

    • Ephesus

      One of the most important ancient cities of the whole Mediterranean – excellently preserved and restored.

    • Selcuk

      Tranquil small city with one of the best archaeological museums of the country.

    • Pamukkale

      World-renowned white limestone terraces.

    • Aphrodisias

      Best maintained constructions of the former prime of Roman city culture with museum.

    • Blue Lagoon

      One of the most beautiful and most visited beaches of Turkey on a flat peninsula in the ocean.

    • Kekova

      A boat trip to the scenic island with plenty of sea-sunken mementos of the past.

    • Myra

      Lycian princely graves of the 4th century B.C., carved in several floors in a high cliff, are one of the highlights of Turkey.

    • Konya

      The city of the dancing dervishes with the turquoise mausoleum of the Mevlana-museum.

    • Cappadocia

      Subterranean city and byzantine carve churches with frescos in-between eroded rocks.

    • Bursa

      Quite a number of masterpieces of architecture in the first Ottoman capital at the foot of the woody Uludag.

    • Sumela

      The most famous of all Pontus monasteries, known for its byzantine frescos, lies 250 metres above the Altindere valley on a cliff.

    • Erzurum

      The most important traffic hub of East Anatolia since ancient times features many beautiful Seljuk constructions.

    • The Lake Van

      The largest lake of Anatolia with the Holy Crucifix church on the island Achtamar – a jewel of Armenian architecture – and Urartian fortresses in the surrounding area.

    • The mountain Nemrut

      Monumental grave of the Commagene King Antiochos I., in the midst of the raw mountain setting of East Anatolia.


one-of-a-kind, dynamic, full of contrasts and unbelievably fascinating
Culture Capital 2010, UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hardly any other city can be oriental. Countless mosques, palaces, museums, bridges, churches, luxurious shopping streets, bazars – Istanbul is one of the most beautiful and exciting Turkish cities and the only one in the world connecting two continents. Founded as Byzantium by the Greeks, as Constantinople the capital of the Roman Empire and later conquered by the Ottomans, the metropolis at the Bosporus is node of diverse cultures and religions, which have created different examples of architecture over the millenniums. The byzantine Hagia Sophia for instance, built as a Christian church and changed to a Mosque by the Ottomans. Or the splendid Topkapi Palace, built in the headlands of the Golden Horn after the conquest by Sultan Mehmet II. Istanbul´s landmark though is the Sultan-Ahmed-Mosque, named Blue Mosque, dominating the city´s silhouette with its six minarets.


Sunny paradise, inviting, genial and full of vitality
Antalya had a great role already in ancient times. According to historical resources, King Attalos characterized the region of Antalya as paradise on earth as he caught sight of it for the first time. Due to its natural harbor and generative environment the region developed to a settlement area over the centuries. Antalya has a touching history: Persians, Alexander the Great, Romans, Arabians and many more – all have left their marks, but it was King Attalos of Pergamon, who has affected the name of the city: Attalia, deriving from today´s Antalya. Next to the newest trends in the tourism sector, e.g. in spa development, Antalya stands for nature, history, culture, shopping, sports and gastronomy, combined with the hearty hospitality of the people.


enchanting, mythical, breath-taking and totally unforgettable
Bizarre rock formations as far as the eye can see – Cappadocia is a fascinating fairy-tale landscape. In the heart of Turkey stony cones and pyramids, specified as “fairy chimneys” or “fairy hills”, are formed through emission of lava, wind and water. The area between Ankara, Kayseri and Konya is prominent for its plentiful sightseeing, as churches, caves and homes were chiseled in this soft tuff. In Göreme, one of the oldest settlements in Cappadocia, entire monastery constructions with frescos in the rocks, which were defined by the UNESCO as World Heritage site, can be visited. An extreme good local kitchen and excellent native wines make the stay in Cappadocia much more outstanding.


Exciting, astonishing, inspiring and awfully hospitable
“The beautiful city” und the “pearl of the Aegean” – thus Izmir is called affectionately by its natives and guests. Once visited the city will always attract with its beauty. Izmir is the third largest city of Turkey, situated in a picturesque Aegean bay at the Golf of Izmir. Numerous tourists are fascinated yearly by the view onto a hilly landscape in the back country and by a contemplative stroll at the beautiful seafront around the turquoise ocean. The convenient temperatures in spring and autumn are just right to visit Izmir. Here you will find the second largest harbour of the country, being an attractive stopover for cruise liners. Even today many more relicts from ancient times of the city are exposed and in the next years the development of an “Archaeology and History Park” is being promoted. Thus, the visitors of the city will be enchanted further more with oriental attractions and treasures.


Charming, classy, gorgeous and deeply relaxing
Bodrum is situated in the south-western part of the Turkish Aegean on a peninsula. The characteristic white houses appealed to visitors ever since. Bodrum´s landmark is the impressive St. Peter´s Castle, settled on a peninsula in a picturesque bay of Bodrum. A visit to St. Peter´s Castle is a must in every program. The historical windmills of Bodrum are also worth visiting. A great view onto the Aegean city and its harbour is guaranteed here. Under good weather conditions you can even see the Greek island Kos from here. For a relaxed evening the harbour area is just right: On the Cumhuriyet Caddesi there are plenty of bars, cafés and shops.


intact, like paradise, elegant and full of nature
Once the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabians and Ottomans regenerated here. Today especially rich Turkish businessmen travel to the peninsula and the charming coastal city of the same name, with its 10.000 residents. Their white yachts, sailing and motor boats sparkle at the harbour of Cesme. Outside, in front of the beach, surfers are busy on the azure waves of the Aegean. This area is known for its highest oxygen of the world. Cesme is in the heart of the Aegean and yet a secluded corner. Just 80 kilometres eastwards you will find the restless tourist centre of Izmir. The renowned archaeological excavation Pergamon is 180 kilometres and Ephesus 155 kilometres away. Above Cesme an old Genoese fortress of the 15th century is located here. From its harbour ferry boats start to Venice, Bari and Brindisi. In the near environment quiet and fine sandy bays invite to a chilling atmosphere.